Sinopec Yanshan Petrochemical Exhibition

Sinopec Yanshan Petrochemical Exhibition

Yanshan Petrochemical Exhibition was built in 2010. In 2020, the company has carried out overall upgrades in the 50th anniversary of the company, and the area is 1000 square meters after transformation. The development of Yanshan Petrochemical is the epitome of the development of China Petrochemical Industry. The exhibition is the main line of the party and the country, and the petrochemical enterprises represented by Yanshan Petrochemical adhere to the party’s leadership, strengthen the typical experience and brilliant achievements in the party’s construction. Content, fully utilize traditional and modern exhibition methods such as sculpture, pictures, video, real, 3D phantom imaging, and show the development of Yanshan Petrochemical 50 years and huge construction achievements.

The exhibition is divided into prelude, kind care, huge inspiration, brilliant 50 years, hard work, always follow the party, new China first, labor model, honor and awards, intelligence energy, beauty life, company leaders Looking forward to 11 exhibitions such as the future, beautiful hosae, beautiful homes.

First, carrying heavy petroleum spirit, petrochemical connotation In the Sinopec system, Yanshan Petrochemical is known as the "pioneer" of Petrochemical, "Huangpu", Petrochemical "Star".

The history of Yanshan Petrochemical development is the epitome of the history of China’s petrochemical industry.

For 50 years, the company has always vigorously promoted the spirit of petroleum spirit "," three old four strict "as the core, created a number of miracles in the history of China’s petrochemical industry.

The exhibition show is the vividness of petroleum spirit, petrochemical tradition in Yanshan Petrochemical. The exhibition hall was rated as a regional petroleum and petrochemical traditional education base.

Second, there is a perfect management system, the infrastructure standards Orderly Yanshan Petrochemical Exhibition Hall has a sound management system, including the appointment system, epidemic prevention and control system, safety management system, emergency plan, etc .; the infrastructure upgrades in July 2020 Complete, safe, stable, long period, high quality operation.

Third, the exhibition hall with the theme party day activities will always be the residential area of ??the party day activities.

The area is spacious independently, with the Extraction of the Episode show the wall, oath of the ground, can carry out the party members into the party to swear, revisit the party’s oath, party members and political birthdays, party class and other activities.

Fourth, with distinct petrochemical characteristics, both petrolenic petrochemical education and petrochemical intellectual scientific "Yanshan Petrochemical Exhibition Hall is the petrochemical traditional education base in Yanshan area, which is an important position in China’s petrochemical system.

In addition, the exhibition also shows the relationship between oil petrochemical products and its relationship with mass life, is an important place to conduct mass education education.

5. The cultural relics of the educational database and a certain historical value, Yanshan Petrochemical Exhibition Hall, by the Yanshan Petrochemical Party Committee propaganda department, exhibition, management, technical support by the company’s Media Business Department, with rich education resources and information reserves.

There is a large number of exhibitions that reflect the Chinese petrochemical industry from not yes, from small to large precious historical photos, videos, real. In the real part, the leaders of the party and the state’s leaders on the development of petrochemical industries, including the historical objects of various development periods of employees donated.

In addition to the standing exhibition, it is not regularly organized to organize temporary exhibitions to show the rich historical objects. Sixth, a high-quality specialty expertise is said that the team has a high-quality explanatory team, consisting of the Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Party Group Work Department, the propaganda and backbone of all units, and two comrades in China’s first session. The title of "Gold Medal" in the Corporate Culture Preliminary Competition.

The company regularly organizes professional training in various forms such as "please come in, go out", continuously strengthen the quality of the specialty, and continuously cultivate the team of speakers.

7. Have a certain social influence Yanshan Petrochemical is China Petrochemical in Beijing, Yanshan Petrochemical Exhibition Hall is the window of Yansheng Petrochemical exhibition image. It is an important site for China’s petrochemical public opening day. Regular invitations for government officials, students , Media reporters, community residents have entered enterprises, understanding companies, have 20,000 public participation activities, were rated as the first batch of public opening day activities of China Petrochemical.