Real estate tax reform pilot is coming! The problem you care here is here

Real estate tax reform pilot is coming! The problem you care here is here

Original title: Real estate tax reform pilot is coming! The question you care about on October 23, the thirteenth meeting of the 13th National People’s Congress, was decided to authorize the State Council to carry out the pilot of real estate tax reform in some regions.

  What is it? Since this year, the national level has repeatedly occurred for real estate taxes. Since the "Promoting Real Estate Tax Legislation, Implementation Local Tax System" is written into the "14th Five-Year Plan", and the Minister of Finance, the Minister of Finance, "The establishment of a modern fiscal and tax system", "promoting the real estate Tax legislation and reform "is mentioned," seeking "magazine" "Seeking" magazine, "Solid promotion in common prosperity", "To actively promote real estate tax legislation and reform, do pilot work" The real estate tax reform has arrows on the string.

  Jiakang, a researcher at China Fiscal Science Research Institute, said that after the holding of tax burdens in the holdings of housing, they will have an impact on both supply and demand in the real estate market, and combined with the mechanism of "compressing stability" in the real estate market. To curb the unbridable hype and cooperate with other reform measures to create a "healthy development long-term mechanism". Jia Kang said, "This is a reform with multiple positive effects. This decision is significant, it is worthwhile.

"In his opinion, from real estate long-range mechanism to common prosperity, reality to promote local government functions, real estate taxes have been given to hoping. On the one hand, the real estate tax reform will stand in history and highly assume the historical responsibility of the new era. In the promotion of common prosperity and optimization, the three-way distribution system should play an important role, better regulate income distribution and achieve social equity; on the other hand, the collection of real estate taxes means that a tax base can be reviewed every other time This will also give local governments to transform their functions and do their best to do public services, optimize local investment environments, bring a more effective "internal mechanism" that is more effective.

  Li Jianjun, deputy dean of the Ministry of Finance and Economics, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, said that it is an important experience in the success of my country’s many reforms in the pilot mode. Real estate tax is authorized to probably, indicating that the country has promoted local governance modernization, promoting the health and sustainable development of real estate market, and promoting common prosperity. Who is levied? The public data of the People’s Bank of China has shown that in 2020, the housing accounted for nearly 70% of the total assets of households in urban residents in my country, and real estate has become the main assets of my country’s resident families.

Therefore, the reform of real estate tax will affect the hearts of the people.

  Real estate tax tax targets in this pilot area are all kinds of real estate such as residential use and non-residential use, which do not include rural homesteads and their homes. Land use rights, house owners for real estate taxes. "In my country, ownership is owned by national or collective, except for land ownership, house property rights mainly have land use rights and housing ownership." Li Jianjun pointed out that due to the existence of residential use and non-living use real estate, land use rights The real estate tax tax target is inconsistent with the "House ownership" to "land use rights and housing owners", such design is more scientific and complete, which can better protect real estate tax.

  "This means that in addition to rural housing, all types of real estate will be included in the tax collection, but different housing is different.

Jiakang said.

  It is understood that in 2011, Shanghai and Chongqing have piloted the "property tax" for personal housing. Different, Shanghai is only for the second home of local residents, Chongqing is only for villas and high-end housing.

In this regard, Jiakang analyzes the road, summarizes Shanghai and Chongqing pilot experience. From a long-term perspective, the future real estate tax levy object cannot be only increasing.

At the same time, it is necessary to adhere to the active and cautious attitude, flexible, from the beginning, considering the acceptability of the program.

  Which cities will become a pilot? Which places will become the first city of "eating crabs"? This is also a matter of public concern.

Jiakang believes that the exemplary area in the currency of innovation can join the pilot, providing better case experience to other places and global support reforms.

  Jiakang emphasizes that it is certain that the pilot area of ??the future will expand the scope of the scope will give it an elastic space, and there is no need to take a fully consistent solution in all pilot regions.

In addition, in the legislative track, once passed, it will not be "one knife" throughout the country, it will allow local or differential to formulate specific implementation rules before or differently. Real estate tax as a new tax, how will it be specific in the pilot area? What is the impact on individuals and families holding housing? Li Jianjun said that in the pilot period, the real estate tax will have a direct impact on individuals or families holding multiple houses in the pilot area.

It can be expected that real estate taxes should be reduced design, such as the first place to reduce taxes, exemption area of ??real estate taxes, etc., in fact, for families who meet the needs of the first home demand, will not have substantive effects.

"With the implementation of real estate tax pilots and foreseeable gradually, it will reduce the expected benefits of real estate investors and the investment speculation of housing." Jiakang said that the Ministry of Finance and Taxation Administration will be in accordance with the National People’s Congress Standing Committee. Authorization to grasp the draft real estate tax pilot method (draft), and do a good job in pilot preparations according to procedures.

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