The first Tanggou University Festival and 2021 Jiangsu Guannan Economic and Trade Fair opened

The first Tanggou University Festival and 2021 Jiangsu Guannan Economic and Trade Fair opened

Ren Yu, secretary of the Guannan County Party, said that this activity of the Tangou Job Festival is not only to focus on the profoundness of Tang Duan’s wine culture, and better promote the high-quality development of the Tanggou wine industry. "Session Friends", invites the majority of entrepreneurs and investors to focus on Guannan, Xingye Guannan, Wine, and seek common development.

"Looking forward to cooperating with you in a broader field, higher levels of communicating, together harvesting a better future.

"Ren Yu said that Guannan County will continue to increase the support of the development of the Tangou wine industry. In the promotion of the stock reform and listing, enhance production capacity, polish the brand, and expand the market, and struggle to achieve" three years of three doubles , Five hundred billion, ten years of ultra 10 billion "development goal, let" China White Wine "have a province, affecting the national. The county magistrate of Guannan County Soviet Zhezhe is introduced. He said that Irrigation has a strong history. Ecology is the city of Yiji Ying; the unique location of Iroutia, the opportunity superimposed, is a city of vitality, the gathering of the irrigation industry, the carrier is solid, the business opportunity is unlimited; City of Industrial.

It is understood that Guannan County is located in Yancheng, Huai’an, Suqian, Lianyungang’s four cities, combined with "five integration" three-dimensional transportation networks in "public, iron, empty, sea and river". In recent years, Iroutan County has always adhered to the "industrial yield county, industry strong counties". All outlets have went to entrine large projects, cultivate large enterprises, cultivate large industries, and cultivate large industries, the county economic and society presents a brave and first-class, innovation leaping development vitality, success It is selected in China’s 2021-county development potential to the 51st place, showing powerful competitiveness and development potential.

At present, Iroutan County has 1 provincial economic development zone, 1 provincial chemical park, 1 Lingang Industrial Park, 2 agricultural parks, 7 county-level industrial concentration, and 4,000 mu, standard The factory has 300,000 square meters, forming "2 + 3 + 7" development patterns.

Guannan County is full of electronic information, intelligent manufacturing, chemical materials, raw materials, etc., etc. Industrial clusters. "Whether it is a high strategic emerging industry, or the traditional industry in the transformation, as long as it meets the national industrial policy orientation, it can be found in Guannan to find suitable growth in Guannan." Su Wei said.

In terms of business environment, Su Weijiz said, Guannan County strive to create the best development environment of "pro" "clear" interaction, vigorously promote the reform of administrative examination and approval system, and fully promote "online office" "to do" "help generation system", Create "no face" approval, "one-stop" window, "full life cycle" service, the Guannan brand of "Full Lifecycle" service, truly "the business management in the factory, the factory outside the factory", let the merchants live in Guannan life Shuxin, in love, work, happy industrial

For example, Zhiqiang (Lianyungang) Technology Co., Ltd., who came to Guannan, from site selection, construction, to production, only for 9 months, and realized the contract, the construction of the year, which was put into production.

Wu Haiyun, deputy mayor of Lianyungang Municipal People’s Government, announced the opening.

He Yong, Secretary-General of the China Wine Industry Association, Liu Zhenkang, Vice President of Jiangnan University, Wang Jianying, Vice President of Jiangsu Wine Industry Association, Lianyungang City, relevant departments, etc.

On the day of the event, there was also a series of activities such as the foundation of the opening ceremony, 5,000 tons of famous wine projects, Hongshi bronze statues, "famous" wine ", and new product conferences. (Editor: Zhang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing let more people see.