Tianjin Printing and Distributing the New Materials Industry Development "14th Five-Year Plan" 2025 new material industrial output value will reach 240 billion yuan

Tianjin Printing and Distributing the New Materials Industry Development "14th Five-Year Plan" 2025 new material industrial output value will reach 240 billion yuan

  Tianjin Northern Network News: The reporter has learned from the Municipal Bureau of Computer, "Tianjin New Materials Development 14 Special Plan" issued, to the end of 2025, the output value of new materials in our city will reach 240 billion yuan, and it is expected to increase the average year 8% of the speed, will enhance two enhancements three enhancements, initially meet the transformation of traditional manufacturing transformation and the innovation and development needs, and strive to cooperate with the Beijing, China and Build new materials industry, advanced manufacturing clusters.

  The core competitiveness of the 14th Five-Year Group will significantly increase the fourtment and fifteenth fifteenth fifteenth fifteenth day. It is an important opportunity for the new kinetic energy in our city. It is a key stage of realizing the functional positioning of a base.

The new material industry is the guide for industrial development. It is the support and protection of advanced manufacturing development. It is the key to Tianjin construction to create strong market, realizing high-quality development of manufacturing, to 145, the new material industry will implement one. Break through three improvements – an increase in industrial core competitiveness, and the scale of industrial development is continuously expanding. In the city’s economic structure, it is significantly improved, developing a number of key products, breaking through a number of key technologies, and cultivating a batch of iconic Innovation results, industrial core competitiveness is significantly enhanced.

  Two breakthroughs are a new breakthrough in cluster brand influence and market entities. The new material industrial space layout is continuously optimized, and a number of new materials industry theme parks have formed a group of new materials industrial clusters with national influence. The popularity of new materials is gradually improved, and the cluster gathering and brand effects are highlighted; the new material industry innovation main strength is constantly Enhanced, biting a group of innovative enterprises with core competitiveness, the number of industrial enterprises above the size and growing the number of industrial enterprises, and the special enterprises have emerged, and the single champion enterprise doubles.

  Three enhancements are industrial innovation capabilities, service platform performance, typical demonstration role significantly improved, form a complete new material industry innovation support system, new material industry basic research, application technology research and industrialization, actively form the Material Genome Research Center , Cultivate a group of national-level enterprise technology centers, manufacturing innovation centers, industrial technology research institutes, industrial innovation capacity continuously; industrial service platform system for adapting to the development law of new materials and market demand is basically perfect, completed new material resources sharing platform And test evaluation platform and special material database, gather a number of market-oriented materials research and development and design institutions; new product applications, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and standardization demonstration projects have successfully advanced, key new materials, the first batch of applications drive radiation effect, new Materials enterprise platform, high-end, intelligent, and green levels are significantly improved. The five major key projects of the 14th fifteenth fifteenth fifteenth fifteenth fifteenth fifteenth day promotion of innovation ability, the city will focus on the new generation of information technology materials, biomedical materials, new energy materials, high-end equipment materials, energy-saving environmental protection materials, etc., and prospect layout Front and new materials such as graphene, superconductance, and additive manufacturing, in order to achieve this goal of key layout, high-quality enterprises, industrial layout optimization, innovation capacity improvement, service platform construction, application demonstration promotion five key projects.

  Among them, the innovation capacity improvement project will rely on the leading enterprise and key colleges and campus, key construction materials genome research centers and new materials manufacturing innovation centers, enhance new research and development institutions in new materials, and 2025, new materials industry basic research The application technology research and industrialization co-ordination level is significantly improved, advanced steel materials, advanced semiconductor materials, rare earth magnetic materials, advanced chemical materials manufacturing innovation centers will focus on the construction.

  Quality Enterprise Epotion Engineering will take a batch of iconic, leading quality enterprises and specializing in new, single champion enterprises, and realize new materials enterprises.

By 2025, a group of new materials with international influence emerged were emerged.

  Application Demonstration Promotion Project will implement new product application demonstration, intelligent manufacturing demonstration, support key new materials, promote new materials, intelligent manufacturing setup equipment applications, continue to carry out the first batch of insurance compensation for new materials, and increase national strategy The direction focus project supports, prepares the "Tianjin Key New Materials First Batch Support Guide", pilot to promote the sales subsidies for the first batch of new materials; support steel material enterprises introduce clean purification, green preparation and efficient and accurate formation of equipment, support Chemical new material enterprises introduce high-efficiency synthesis and preparation equipment, clarify the intelligent development route of new materials industry, build a number of new materials digital production lines, intelligent model application projects such as intelligent factory, enhance the digitalization of key strategic materials, intelligent production level. In order to achieve the development goal of the 14th Five-Year New Materials Development, the city will strengthen financial financial support, strengthen high-end talents, will make full use of special policies and funds such as new materials, intelligent manufacturing, and support key new materials industrialization. The first batch of new materials for new materials and the construction of key industries aggregation area project. Give full play to the role of government guidance funds such as Haihe Industry Fund, support the production of new materials, and solve major problems in the development of new materials industry.

Encourage social capital involvement, guide and support an angel investor, entrepreneurial investment fund, private equity investment fund, etc. to promote new materials industry incubation transformation.

It will give full play to the talent policies such as Haihe Yingcai, and increase the introduction of innovative talents and entrepreneurial teams in high-level new materials in the harbor.

(Jin Yun news editor Sun Chang).