The movie "We are the first secretary" released "Turning over" version of the poster special conquest peak interpretation courage and responsibility

The movie "We are the first secretary" released "Turning over" version of the poster special conquest peak interpretation courage and responsibility

  From Xinhua News Agency, Xinhua Net, Beijing Wonderful, Beijing Ren Jie, Huatu Baina joint products, Renjie Director’s movie "We are the First Secretary", today released Tibet "to overcome" the story poster and special. The film uses a real story to vividly portray the first secretary of the poverty alleviation, showing them to sway your youth with blood, and use the action to interpret the moving traces of the dedication.

This piece is scheduled to be released nationwide from November 23. The plateau melted the ice and snow, and the movie "We are the first secretary" Tibet explained that Wang Qinglubu secretary led the local villagers to raise sheep.

The Whang Yuben secretary from Lhasa, bid farewell to the bustling city, and came to the Ni Zongo Village, the Niko Village, Niko Village, Township Village, Niha, Niha, Nihama. The natural conditions of severe severity leads to the villagers here, because poverty is unable to maintain normal life.

In the face of the cool and cold environment and some villagers’ distrust, Wang Qinglubu secretary makes it out, overcomes difficulties in layers, leading the villagers to build a breeding cooperative.

For more than two years, this village being colded by nature is completely awakened in the angle of the finale attack, and Zongdu Village will poverty alleviation.

Whang Qinglu secretary uses practical actions to give the state and villagers to their answer. Through the story of the Secretary of the Whang Yubu, the movie reflects the youth strength of the new era of youth.

  "Turning over" version of the poster, the first secretary Wang Qinglu is gathered with the villagers, and talking is very happy.

Everyone has a smile, showing the peace and sight of his music.

Under the background of the blue sky background, the entire picture is warm and full of hope. The phrase in the poster "You are on the plateau, let the sun lighten in front of the front", which will be in the leadership of the first secretary, and the villagers here will be like this to "Niche". .

  "Towing" for you, although the snowy plateau has no regrets, "Turning over" in the version, the opening of the black and white tone is displayed, and the panoramic style shows the barren and depression of Zongdu Village. "These people are here, what should you do?" This sentence of Wang Qinglubu secretary, said the difficulties and challenges of Zongdu Village. Immediately, the introduction passed the benefits of the villagers, negotiating with the merchants, all night for guarding the beep, and rushed to the plateau in the cold wind, and showed that he led the villagers. " The poverty alleviation process and the fearless spirit of the courage are responsible.

At the end of the special, a smile-filled pure surface Pang and Wang Qinglu secretary shouted at the mountains and soon to make the audience feel comfortable from the heart. The young Whang Yabu uses hot truth and no fear of the difficult courage to light the hopes of the village, and write youth in the battle in this battle. The MV "young battlefield" released by the film was deeply touched after reading. Some netizens commented that the "true story" "" The silent paid behind these unknown heroes behind our happiness "" their story is worth remembering ".

  The movie "We are the First Secretary" with a group of poverty alleviation cadres, with a group of stories as weft, with the most authentic youth group, no filter shows the temperature and movement of this era. In the face of the cold wind cream cool snow, the muddy traffic in the potholes, the poor plateau, how to lead the villagers over the poverty "peak"? On November 23, I came to the theater to reveal the answer.