Tianjin Binhai New District solidly promoted the "license separation" reform to create a publicly transparent settlement

Tianjin Binhai New District solidly promoted the "license separation" reform to create a publicly transparent settlement

According to the Notice of the State Council issued the "Deepening" Act Separation "Reform to Further Improve the Development of Market Subject Development, since July 1, 2021, the" license separation "reform is fully covered in the country.

At the same time, in December 2019, the "license separation" reform in the national self-trade test area, the Binhai New Area has implemented the reform pilot in the whole country.Since December 2019, there have been 184 cases of the coastal new district, including direct cancellation of 37 items, 9 reviews to records, and implement 42 commitments, optimize 121 approval services, 25 things at the same time enjoy the implementationCommitment and optimization of the two reform methods of approval services, using 1550 cases of approval and re-examination, implementation of 14100 pieces, and optimize the approval service method for 37,831.

For example, this record is the necessary procedures for enterprises to handle import and export trade, this matter is the characteristics of large-scale, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality, high-quality Since the establishment of the Bureau, the annual organic volume has been more than 1600, up to 2,000 pieces.

In 2021, the event was canceled, and the applicant directly handled the customs "Import and Export Goods Shipping and Shipping Verification Registration" to achieve the convenience of the economic commission. For example, "Hazardous Chemical Business License (No Store)" is used, in general, handle the license expiration renewal requires submission of applications, operational places, business license, safety production rules and other 6 materials, 5 Equipped with a working day. After the reform, the company implemented only a commitment book, a application form, and a license for reissue on the spot for 12 minutes. Process reconstruction: continuously deepen the inflationary reform in the field of production license, investment project approval, proven, extensive implementation of the commitment system, realize the government’s custom standards, corporate or individual commitment, process strong supervision, and severe punishment, and significantly improve the approval efficiency. Through the approval service model of "grading management, wide-speed, trial, trial", let the trustworthy enterprise have changed from "convenient" to "extremely simplified", and the credit good people apply complete commitments, just submit a application form. And a commitment to obtain a license and approval on the spot; the general commitment to credit ordinary people should be submitted to some necessary materials and a commitment book can be handled; the illegal confuses recorders are not applicable to the approval.

At present, 363 matters, more than 900 commitments are included in the promised examination and approval list. Since this year, there have been a total of 762 market entities in the whole district to enjoy the "Pledged Office" to facilitate approval services. At the same time, by approved approval, the supervision department jointly issued 18 simplex issues in 15 simplex commitments, and the company voluntarily made a commitment, submit a application form, a commitment to pay the certificate on the spot, and no need to make up Make the material, the average time limit is only 20 minutes, and the limit is limited to 90% compared to the promise of the time limit.

Up to now, nearly 1800 market entities benefited by the most simple undertaking.

Enterprise Perspective: Continuous Optimization Approval Service Binhai New Area Adhere to Problem, Goal Guide, Demand Orientation, Subject Guide, Adhere to Enterprise Mass Perspectives, Continuously Upgrade "Optimized Approval Service". Recently, the Binhai New District Economic Development Zone Government Office issued the first Internet hospital "one enterprise and one certificate" administrative license, marking the National Internet Medical Headquarters of the Medical Cloud Health Co., Ltd. officially landed in the Economic Development Zone. Exploring the innovation of the "one enterprise one certificate" administrative licensing model in the digital medical industry.

As early in 2019, the Binhai New Area in 48 high-frequency industries such as hotels, restaurants and kindergarters fully launched the "one enterprise and one certificate" comprehensive reform, combined with 132 streamlined forms, a streamlined rate, reducing 446 items, reduced by%, and consuming 85 times, consolidation rate%, consolidated license 132, consolidated rate%, and enterprises shortening time to more than 70%.

In 2021, the "one enterprise and one certificate" reform iterative upgrade launched version of the program, in strengthening work collaboration, standardizing process, optimizing intelligent approval, establishing assessment mechanisms, achieving new breakthroughs, accumulating 328 market entities issued an administrative license .

In addition, the Binhai New Area continues to deepen "online + online" government service, relying on the Binhai New District Government Government Government Platform, with Tianjin "Administrative Network" platform interconnection, consult, help, declaration, pre-trial, proceed, feedback "full online" service .

The platform can provide 476 popular version of the service guide, 88 high-frequency matters to help the Office, 48 industries "one enterprise one certificate" comprehensive office, 77 convenience service matters "Binhai Waplers". Offline normalization provides "latency service" "24-hour reservation service" "noon break value system", strictly implement the "first question responsibility system" one-time notification system ", establishing a red vest to help the team, providing business consulting, online Declaration guidance and handling services. Technical Energy: Promoting Wisdom Government Service Binhai New Area as the first pilot of Tianjin City Construction and Promotion Application Electronic Repurchase, the first batch released 35 types of electronic license, accounting for 43% of the city’s release task license. Up to now, complete 44 categories of documents 1898 data collection, complete 35 category of license data governance and data sharing, municipal-level 22 electronic programs and district-level 35 electronic licenses can be seen in the Help platform "My License" section.

Launched Wisdom Government + Map Service. Introducing GIS map technology, achieving spatialization, geographicization of government service, has been accessed to access 288 matters, covering 21 street towns, 476 communities, 5 matters online, 3 matters, intelligent approval, can be automatically punched on maps, intelligent The system instead of artificial approval, issued the "Benefits of the Administrative License Decision" to achieve "second batch", and the results are automatically pushed to the corresponding regulatory authorities, and more than 800 pieces are currently available. After the "Policy Intelligence" on the "TEDA Enterprise Service Cloud" platform, the Binhai New District Government Government Galant Platform Online "Hui Enterprise Policy Adapter", the system automatic quantization policy is integrated, and the latest policy of high delivery is accurately promoted. Various "Enterprises to find policies" as "policies find enterprises".

At present, the Binhai New District resource library has been settled in 475 policy documents, covering the intellectual property, financial support, business environment, and epidemic related to the national, municipal, and district level. Next, the District Government Service Office takes the lead in organizing various development zones. All relevant departments will refine the implementation rules of various matters in accordance with the principles of classification, steady advancement, and to optimize the approval process through the update guidelines. Reform and speeding up, let enterprises will continue to develop in a fair, transparent, and convenient environment, and constantly improve the craftsmen.

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