True mailbox, fake notification such fraud recruitment

True mailbox, fake notification such fraud recruitment

  When I received the "personnel department" or "financial department" mailbox sent by the "subsidy collection" notice, would you not think about the links in the email to apply? The anti-fraud police prompts, even if the company’s relevant department mailbox sent, it is also a "set" of the criminals to you. It must not fill in the bank card number, ID number, and SMS verification code and other sensitive information. Recently, Mr. Sun, a company staff, found that there was an email from the company’s "Personnel Administration" email.

The content of the message is roughly: "Take the Social Security Department notice, the country will pay subsidies from October. Please receive a self-service scan code for the mail." After scanning the QR code, the mobile phone jumps to "self-help" page. After the personal bank card number, the bank reserved mobile phone number, the identity information and card balances are filled out as required, and the mobile phone interface prompt "Your information has been submitted to the People’s Bank of China". Subsequently, Mr. Sun also fill in the SMS verification code received by the mobile phone according to further tips. In a short while, Mr. Sun’s mobile phone received the bank’s account balance change SMS.

I originally thought that "social security subsidies" is so fast, but I have never thought of a buckle for more than 10,000 SMS.

Found that Mr. Sun was reported to the police.

  "Compared to the practice of using virtual groups in the past, the confusion of the relevant company’s mailbox to send ‘fishing email’ is more confusing." Xiamen City combats telecom network new illegal criminal center police Hong Heng’s analysis believes that in this case The criminals first stolen the mailbox of the relevant departments of Mr. Sun, and then sent a "fake notice" to the company employee with the name of the company’s department, induce it to open the corresponding link and fill in the personal identity and bank card information in the interface.

Subsequently, according to the bank card balance filled in Sun, the criminals identified the "target amount" of fraud, and sett it again to take the SMS verification code sent by the bank, and finally achieve the purpose of the balance of theft card.

  Although the scam trick is upgraded, it will keep the eyes, it will prevent being deceived.

Police Tip: First, the website URL of my country’s government department is "." Is a domain name suffix. If other suffixes appear in the relevant matters, they should leave more attention; second, general government service, relevant departments will not request The victim provides bank card balance, and the criminals are required to provide bank card balance. Most of them are for color "prey"; again, any to account transactions, will never ask the payroll to provide bank SMS verification code, once the other party wants SMS verification Code, basically it can be considered fraud; finally, even if the company’s mailbox is sent to the "notice" involving money, it is also necessary to find a party two confirmation. (Yan Mao).