Ruisi, Zhejiang: "Fireworks" hits "Zhejiang"

Ruisi, Zhejiang: "Fireworks" hits "Zhejiang"

  In the past few days, "Typhoon Fireworks" has become a discussion hot word in Jiangsu, Zhejiang. According to Xinhua Ruisi System Analysis, the network report amount over time is the peak period of information release, and the amount of information is 169320 on July 25th.

It is mentioned that the hot words with higher frequency are: surged, reporters, release, flight, cancellation.

  This summer, this typhoon has some "special", it is the only typhoon that landed in Zhejiang since the weather record. After landing on July 25th, after landing in Putuo District, Zhoushan City, "fireworks" took 21 hours to move around 140 kilometers, and completed secondary landing in Pinghu, Zhejiang, and is rare.

Due to the "fireworks", the speed is slow, the speed is slow, and there is a special fancy "walking position". The peripheral cloud is beginning to affect Zhejiang Province, resulting in the influence of Zhejiang for more than 5 days.

  Since the time of fireworks stay in "Zhe" is longer, some rumors have also begun to run at the same time that everyone is working together to disaster relief. Netizens’ discussion of "Fireworks" has become from the initial worry, becoming spontaneous relay rescue, rumors positive energy, and is the word "refueling" in the heart.

  Affected by "fireworks", there are many heavy rain in many rainstorms in Zhejiang, and even a heavy rain, and some areas and mountain flood disasters have emerged.

It coincides with the tide of astronomy, the tide high wave, and the seawater insertion is still there.

To grab time with typhoon, grab the masses, the relevant departments of Zhejiang Province quickly launched an emergency plan to minimize casualties and property losses. As of 4 pm on the 26th, Zhejiang’s total transfer resettlement personnel more than 2030,000, and 14,800 areas.

In addition, as of Ji 9, the typhoon "fireworks" caused 2.68 million homes in Zhejiang.

National Network Zhejiang Electric Power Employees Fighting the first line, on the basis of ensuring safety, with the fastest speed, there is more than 10,000 people, nearly 10,000 vehicles.

  According to the meteorological station, "Fireworks" has left Zhejiang at 17 o’clock on the 26th. At present, the center is located in Jiangsu Province, and the intensity is gradually weakened.

However, in the face of such a typhoon that is not allowed by ordinary execution, the prevention needs to continue. At present, the focus of the flood control and anti-Taiwan work in "Zhejiang" has been disposed of, rescue, rescue, and post-disaster recovery phase.

The relevant departments will continue to focus on the secondary disasters that the Hangjia Lake Plain, Ningbo Yaojiang River Network may bring the secondary disaster, strictly guard against mountain flood disasters that may trigger by the land, Tianmushan District, Longmen Mountain, Tianmu Mountain, etc. The reservoir of the reservoirs and the rivers running in high water levels, ensuring urban underground facilities, sinking overpass, culverts and other underground space drains. Wind, rain, tide three meet, the wave red alert and storm red warning, "Wenyi" and "multi-change" "fireworks" have not been able to be underestimated.

I hope that the rescue personnel and the people from all over the world will be safe. Although the wind is raging, we pull up, everything will be fine.