The whole city blocks "Canadian Yellow Huanghua", it is worth hot

The whole city blocks "Canadian Yellow Huanghua", it is worth hot

  On November 12th, the topic "Wuhan citizen saw this yellow flower, please report" on Weibo hot search first, causing numerous netizens to pay attention.

Many people have wondered, what happened? It turned out that recently, 8 departments of Wuhan Agricultural Rural Areas, jointly held "Canadian Yellow Huanghua" to prevent the Work Conference, requiring completion of the anti-eradic task including farmland, roads, scenic spots, etc. before November 20, effectively controlling spread spread and Harm effect. The meeting also requested that if the public can discover the weeds of the like, they can call the "Report".

Canadian yellow flower. The people’s visual information map "Canadian a branch yellow flower" is originally produced in North America, the flower shape is bright, in fact, is a malignant weed.

As a foreign species, it has the nickname of "The Flowers of Devil", the reproductive ability is amazing, the speed is very fast, during growth, and the surrounding plants are sunny, fight for fertilizers, until other plants die, thus constitutes a serious composition of biodiversity threat.

  At present, in addition to Wuhan, my country Jiangxi, Zhejiang and other places have found the spread of "Canadian Yellow Huanghua", although there are active treatment of prevention, but they want to cut into roots and are not easy.

  "Canadian yellow flower" is so terrible, in fact, China is only a microcosm of the investment invasion.

As of 2020, there were nearly 800 cases of foreign invasive species, and 638 cases have been confirmed to invade the agricultural system of the agricultural system.

  In the first half of this year, the news of "Red Fire Ants Invasive my country’s 12 provinces" has triggered a continuous attention, and the agricultural rural ministry even convened to deploy blockade prevention and control.

Red fire ant and "Canadian Yellow Huanghua", an insect, a plant, which can be described as an evil-named double squat in the species.

  Last month, the 15th Conference of the Convention on Biological Diversity Conference was held in Kunming, and the species invasion topic entered the vision of public opinion. Species invasion is considered to be one of the two major reasons that lead to the loss of biodiversity, second only to ecological damage.

  The "Biosafety Law" officially implemented on April 15 this year provides legal basis for preventing foreign species invasion and protecting biodiversity. Prevent species invasion, protect biodiversity, need to be responsible for the relevant departments, including strict implementation of port inspection and quarantine, will refuse to reject the country; strengthen early warning and monitoring, eradication of early invasion; for spreading and outbreak Intrusion organism, take decisive initiative in a timely manner. However, while the government department is fully controlled, it cannot ignore the participation of the people. It is insiscible that many invasive species spread, often blooming everywhere, only relying on relevant government departments, may not be able to discover and effectively curb in time. Like Wuhan, encourage people to pay attention to species invasion, actively provide relevant clues, which cannot be ignored. It is grateful that due to official guidance and media reports, in recent years, the people have become more and more attention to species invasive problems, such as Fushou Sail, Sun Fish, Hourly, and Red Fire Ants, Many people are earnestly familiar.

Recently, many netizens have reported a message through the "Leadership Board" of the People’s Network. I found multiple foreign invasive species in some parts of Zhejiang, and called for immediate eradication. Obviously, the people are most sensitive to the environment of the environment, and many people are even a direct victim of species invasion, including some planting and farmers, and so on.

This kind of enthusiasm and motivation should be actively mobilized to play a greater role.

  One sentence: Prevent species invasion, protect biodiversity, should not be just a government department, but also start a "people’s war."

Only this can be blocked in the first time, forming the Tianluonet, which is prevention and control of foreign species, defending the national biosafety.