The anti-typhoon "Lu Bi" Fujian Lianjiang is waiting

The anti-typhoon "Lu Bi" Fujian Lianjiang is waiting

In order to address the strong rainfall from the typhoon "Lu Bi", Lianjiang County, Fujian Province, actively deployed flood prevention and anti-typhoon work to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property. According to the requirements, Lianjiang township and the department should do five aspects: quickly take off, strictly implement the 24-hour duty and leadership class system; encrypting converging, accurate warning forecast, timely, typhoon warning information and defense measures to inform vast The masses; implement the sea defense, do a good job in the evacuation of maritime homework fishing vessels; strengthen geological disasters defense, organize and properly resettle the people; implement urban flooding, prepare in advance. Multi-supplied deployment of flood control work On August 4, Lianjiang County Housing and Construction Bureau Municipal Engineering Center actively carried out a typhoon, anti-inspection inspection, and finishing the anti-blocking materials reserves, doing equipment commissioning, early Do a good job in the reserves of all kinds of flood control materials. In response to the 11 easy-to-accumulated water points in the urban area, the municipal maintenance group arranged for 24-hour inspection, worth, and equipped with emergency exploitors to deal with possible bursts. As of 4th, the municipal workers have patrolled the road in 60 jurisdictions in the county, and the 19,567 wells were cleared, and 35 discharge ports were closely monitored.

Lianjiang County Housing and Construction Bureau Real Estate Management Department conducts special investigation of basement anti-internal flood in all communities, and requires property companies to prepare floods and sandbags, improve the basement entrance and exit flood prevention (flood control) baffle construction, and safety on cell elevator wells, pumps, etc. The key part of hidden dangers is fully investigated.

Take measures to prevent geological disasters in the mountain township, Pandu Town Organizi Village leaders and cadres, go to all administrative villages in the whole town, and investigate the mountains and reservoirs, ensure that the water gates of the reservoir is working, and the dam tube, leakage, ant nest, etc. Hidden dangers. In order to prevent geological disasters such as landslides, mudslides, such as heavy rainfall, staff actively mobilize to organize low-lying structures and high steep slopes to evacuate to safety points.

By carrying out various geological disasters relocation and governance, Lianjiang geological disasters from 36 in 2016, 2,693 threatens, a decrease in 175, and 275 threats.

Among them, 6 small earth disasters such as Xiaobang Village have been tested, and 2 is under construction, and 8 relocation management, and one is redesigned. It is reported that Lianjiang measures will be promoted, actively prevent geological disasters: completion of the annual geological disaster prevention plan and emergency plan to complete the annual geological disaster prevention plan; timely issuance of the annual geological disaster "disaster prevention work clear card" to village residential disaster prevention unit and defense The disaster responsible person, distribute "disaster prevention and risk" to the threat of the masses; formulate a system of geological disaster prediction systems, geological disasters, and enriched the emergency rescue teams and reserves and disaster prevention and disaster relief materials.

In addition, Lianjiang County People’s Government Flood Control and Drought Relief Headquarters issued a notice, requiring all personnel on coastal breeding fishing platter to all withdraw the top of the shore before 18:00. (Zheng Rui Yang Yubijong) (Editor: Chen Lanyan, Zhong Xia Liuhua) Sharing let more people see client download.