Red mouth gull fly to Kunming Yiliang for the first time

Red mouth gull fly to Kunming Yiliang for the first time

Original title: The red mouth gull fly home for the first few days, and the reservoir before the wattar resident group in the Daxue Camp Community in Northern Yiliang County, and flew more than a thousand red gulls. These red mouth gulls are hovering on the water, and sometimes standing on the branches, playing a jade.

This is the first time to come to Yala Liang, and the Yiliang citizen is expected to have a expectation for the red mouth gull. Most of Yiliang is more than 1,500 meters to 1800 meters of the most suitable human living and seedlings, annual average annual rain millimeters.

There is no cold winter, there is no heat in summer, the dry and wet season is clear, the annual temperature is 10 months for the human body feel comfortable, climate-effective. He has been awarded the national ecological civilization, the national agricultural comprehensive development demonstration county, China’s best cultural and leisure tourism county, China’s ecological food hometown, the city of China’s flower seedlings, the national garden county, etc., there is a very good natural ecological environment .

  Not only the red gull, a wide variety of wild animals are also selected in Yiliang "Anjia".

There are national grade II focus protection wild plant gold buckwheat; Guangxi mountain forests habitually inhabited Black and II key protection birds and other countries, and the national II protection beast has macaques. Big Ling Cat, Xiaoling Cat, Spirit Cat, Flower Fagoon. Yiliang water resources are abundant.

The geothermal spa is unique in the middle of the Yunzhong area and the province, which greatly enhances the happy index of Yiliang people. Since this year, Yiliang County has strive to create a national civilized city and the beautiful county town of Yunnan Province. In order to better protect and retain the red gull, the Northern Ancient Town Party Committee, the government’s self-pockets, purchase a custom bread about 15 kilograms every day, free to take the red gull. Arrange a special person to guard in the watt, guarantee the sanitation of the surrounding environment, remind the people’s civilization and watch, do not scare, not harm.

  The Secretary-General of the Yunnan Provincial Wildlife Protection Association, from Han Dianchang, in the province, in the province, the waterfront survey was found in the province, and the red mouth gull in the wintering bird is actually in the province of Fu Xianhu, Dali, Dali, etc. There is a small amount of distribution in the lake. Since 1985, the red mouth gull began to appear in Kunming. The Kunming Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government did a lot of work to help the red bodagull in Kunming. The Kunming citizens were sent to the red mouth gull. A good environment and enthusiastic citizens have gradually increased the number of red gulls that fly to Kunming, and the number of red mouth gulls in other lakes in Yunnan have begun to increase. "From the birds, the number of red gulls comes to Kunming has excessive, the density is too large, which is easy to cause weakness of the red gull, infect disease.

At the same time, competition will also become more intense, so they also need to extends out, find other habitats. Han Zhanxian said.

  Is the red mouth gull who is most concerned with the public to be temporary for the winter, Han Zhanxian explained: "Red gull is a bird with a very good memory, not only clearly remember the route of the action, but also to the ecological environment, food Whether there is a deep memory. If this year, the red mouth of the Yiliang can spend a good environment, and the future of food is very large.

"The arrival of Hongzuo, proved that the rural people in Northern Ancient Town in Northern Ancient Town have been improved, so the ecological environment has been recovered, so it has become a new land of Hongzhu gull. Next, North Ancient Town will continue to improve the living environment, attract, and leave more seagulls. "Chen Rui, secretary of the Party Committee of Northern Ancient Town, said.

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